Decorative Pill Bottles

Decorative Pill Bottles

These pill bottles were made with Decoupage.  They were easy to do and fun as well.  I used fabric, ribbon, DMC floss and buttons. 
I put fabric under the clear lid and embellished to top with a button.

This is a Nexium sample bottle my doctor gave me.  This button fit nicely on top for decoration
This is a glucose test strip bottle.

This is an Advil mini bottle. 

What do you think?  I think it's a cuter way to carry your pills.  I am enjoying a great weekend with family.  I have to work day shift this week.  It's a change and looking forward to being home every night this week.  Have a great week. 


Pat said…
Those pill bottles do look very cute. I was thinking you were going to show us some use you had for them besides pills, though. I get so many of the bottles and hate to throw them away, but I can never think of any other use for them.
Angela said…
Too clever! What a great way to recycle! They would be good to sort and hold sewing needles.
Great idea Steph looks good.
fabricartist21 said…
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Kim D. said…
Love your decorative pill bottles Stephanie.. Adorable!! I saved one of those Juicy Fruit and Orbit Gum plastic containers, which would be cute made up like this also. Thanks for the good idea.. They would make nice gifts. I also love your DJ Star block below, it's fantastic!! Can I ask what size that smaller block is??
Dee said…
The pill bottles are cute. We use empty ones for coins, needles, buttons, rocks, just about everything you can put in there!

Enjoy your evenings! With it staying lighter later, evenings aren't so depressing!

Micki said…
Your bottles are so pretty! You did a great job!
Anonymous said…
What a great idea. What did you use to decopage...what kind of paper?
Allie said…
How stinking cute!

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