Dear Janes blocks 19 - 21

Dear Jane M 8 ~ Enchanted square
my 19th block = 246 pieces so far
Dear Jane J 11 ~ Twin Sister
my 20th block = 253 pieces so far
Dear Jane M 12 ~ Hopscotch
my 21st block = 272 pieces so far!
These blocks are becoming more difficult.  I started out making the easier ones and leaving the harder ones til later.  Some of the blocks are rediculous and require great patience and skill.

Matt played my old high school yesterday! He plays lacrosse and he is a freshman in high school.  He plays the attack position (the scoring position) and scored 2 goals!  His coach choose him to be the Junior Varsity Team Captain.  I am very proud of my honor role star athlete!  Way to go Matt!  Thanks for beating my high school! 
The Hammond Gold Bears played Wilde Lake's Wildcats (my old high school)
Final score Hammond 6 Wilde Lake 3
Way to go Matt! 

Almost finished working day shift for the week and then it's back to night shift next week.  Today something funny happened......a NICU family member came in to visit a grandbaby today while I was working and asked for Stephanie.  Turns out they are friends with Pat ,  Kathy, and Kaye!  Kaye must have known she was coming to visit the NICU to see her grandbaby and told them to look me up.  Turns out it's a small world.  It is amazing to me that people all over the world can talk and get to know each other and end up knowing someone who knows you.  AMAZING! 

Tomorrow is my anniversary and I am excited to celebrate 6 years with my husband.  I will share some info about us tomorrow!


Terriaw said…
Dang you are cruising through this! 21 blocks - wow! so fun to watch your progress and see how different they all are. Happy anniversary to you two!
Allie said…
I can not believe how many of these blocks you have already made! Congrats to your Team Captain Son, and on the anniversary!
Barb said…
Love your blocks....

Yea for your son!!!
Dee said…
The blocks are amazing! I especially like the first one! Just keep plugging along and the next thing you know, you'll be on the last one! It's going to be beautiful.

Congratulations to Matt! It takes a lot of hard work, commitment and dedication to make it to where he has! It shows a lot of his character (and the parenting behind it!) and it quite the compliment.

Happy Anniversary! May the next 6 years be full of happiness, love, encouragement and support!

Have a great weekend Stephanie!
Kaye said…
Stephanie, the world does get smaller all the time! I was talking to Baby Austins Grandmother yesterday morning. She offered me a place to stay if my hubby has surgery at John Hopkins. She then told me about the baby. I just couldn't believe--I told her I was friends with you thru blogging and that you met Pat Casadei for Lunch. Pat is not back from Lancaster, I don't think she even knows. I was shocked to read about it on the blog. Congratulations to you and Hubby. May you be Blessed with a long happy marriage. Larry and I just celebrated 51 years married in January!
Angela said…
Happy Anniversary to you! Jim and I will celebrate 6 years this summer... :o)
LOVE your DJ blocks! You are just steaming right along! :o)

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