Dear Jane D8 Dee Dee's Delight

Dear Jane D8 Dee Dee's Delights

It's been a busy week, mostly working alot and not really having time to blog.  This is a great block that I simply did reverse applique so it's only 2 pieces.  This makes block number 17 and a total of 180 pieces so far!  I am so excited to have another weekend.  It's a surprise weekend off because work needed me to work days next week.  I work tonight but then off Sat/Sun.  I think this weekend is going to great weather and I am looking forward to enjoying working in the garden.  Have a great weekend! 


Pat said…
OOOOOO...nice block and how GREAT to get an unexpected weekend off and have the weather be so spectacular!
Another great block Steph.
Dee said…
When I was little, I was a Dee Dee, now I'm just plain Dee! LOL

This looks hard, but you pull it off wonderfully!

Enjoy the weekend. Extend National Quilting Day through Sat and Sun!
Great way to handle those pieces and what amazing progress you're making. Don' forget to enjoy the day as March 20th is International Quilting Day!
Angela said…
Great job! I have yet to tackle any of the reverse applique! :o)

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