Dear Jane ~ D7, F4 and H13

Dear Jane ~ D-7 Meeting Place
These were made by mom, she came to dinner tonight and brought these with her.  After taking this picture I had tightened the threads in her applique and it looks much better.  This one is completely appliqued into place.
Dear Jane ~ F-4 Old Windmill
Simple paper piecing

Dear Jane ~ H-13 Farm Fields
This one she used her bias tape maker and then appliqued the strips into place.

These were very easy according to mom, what would I do without her?  Certainly could not get them done as fast without her help.  I am off all day and plan on sewing as much as possible.  This makes blocks number 14, 15 and 16.  A total of 178 pieces so far. 
Today my son Jimmy is headed to WVU (West Virginia University) on a 4 hr drive (by himself) to check out the college and see if that is where he wants to go next year.  He has been admitted into the Engineering Major but has been admitted to three other colleges as well and now has to decide which school.  Big decisions!  This one is his decision!  I am willing to support any decision he makes.  I decided since he is 21, he could certainly go by himself to check out the colleges.  Last week when he went to another school by himself because it was the kind of tour that included actually sitting in class with other students.  He liked this way of experiencing the school because he was able to mingle with the students without MOM around.  It is hard to get used to the fact that three of our kids will be away at college next year with Matt being the only one left at home.  SCAREY!  Anyway, I will be the edge of my seat all day worried about him getting there safely and getting home tomorrow. 
Jimmy 21 years old

My son Matthew (my baby) is a freshman in High School this year and Lacrosse tryouts just finished.  At the end of tryouts he had to sit down with the JV and Varsity Coach.  He was so nervous.  The coaches told him he is the most experienced player they have ever had come through the school (he has been playing as long as he could walk since his two brothers played lacrosse with him and taught him well)!  They told him he made the team, first string and asked him to be the Captain of the JV Team!  I am so proud of him.  I will be at all the games my work schedule allows.  Way to go Matt!  
Matt 15 years old

My son Paul will be coming home for Spring break tonight.  He is a Freshman at MICA (Md Institute College of Art) and is getting his Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography.  I wanted to share with you this photo of his.  I think it would make a really cool quilt!  I don't really know how he did it, but he is learning so much at school, he has passed my photoshop abilities by leaps and bounds.   
Graffiti by Paul Warren
Paul 18 years old

Kevin's daughter Sarah is in Raleigh (a sophmore at Peace College, a private all-girls liberal arts college). For spring break next week she is headed to Phoenix (to visit with her Aunt) and California (to see her mom).  Her mom recently moved to California so we are now her closest parents.  She arrives home on the 31'st for a long Easter break weekend.  Her major is Forensic Anthropology.  She wants to be a "BONES" lady.  This summer she has been selected to go to Mexico for an internship.  She is doing great at school and still manages to find time to be babysit.  Here she is with one her favorite little friends she babysits for all the time in Raleigh. 
Sarah 20 years old

Well, I hope to not bore you guys with my kids info.....but I am so proud of all of them.  I will from time to time share their accomplishments with you.  Take care and have a great weekend! 



Dee said…
Steph, I love the kids stories! You have one, awesome family! I'm so impressed with what they're all doing and huge congratulations to you and hubby on raising such great kids! They are the biggest teachers and blessings we will ever have!

Hug your mom and I love that you guys hand out together! Thanks for this post today. There's a lot of happiness, hope and love in here!
Pat said…
Love hearing about the kids....and it's really nice of your mom to help you get the blocks done faster. Enjoy your off-weekend (in spite of the weather).
Greg said…
Great looking blocks.. And you should definitely be proud of your kids. And yes, that picture wold make a great looking quilt.
Pokey said…
Well, Stephanie, you have plenty to be proud of here, family and sewing, and it's nice to hear you share.
Anonymous said…
Love all the blocks. I am working on a butterfly quilt...will post a pic soon. They are made with hankies. You have some amazing kids...and all so uniquely different in their interests. Have a great weekend!
Kaye said…
Stefanie, great family, you should be very proud of them all. My Grandson from Reston VA. is nearing the end of his first year at VA Tech, he loves it there. I have 9 grandsons and 1 grandaughter, the oldest being 24.
Barb said…
Yea!!! for moms!!!

You certainly have a wonderful family that you have all the rights in the world to be proud of!
Angela said…
It is great to see updates on the family - you have every right to be proud!
Lovely blocks too! Did you see I made my first block? :o)))
Kim D. said…
Beautiful Blocks, how nice of your mom to help out. Loved reading about your kids and getting to know you a little better. You should be very proud of your kids.

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