Dear Jane ~ Calla Lilly and Mac & Muff

 Dear Jane ~ J 10 Chieko's Calla Lilly
This one is a redo, I realized I made the first one with the white the wrong side out.  I love both side but one is a little more yellow.
Dear Jane ~ I 7 Mac and Muff

This is block number 10, a total of 112 pieces.  That's it for today.  I have to do something other than Dear Jane's but I am on a stretch of 4 nights in a row at work.  Take care and have a great week!


Greg said…
nice blocks...can't wait to see the completed project!
Barb said…
YOu are really going to town on these blocks!! You are even making it hard for me to resist doing them.
Pat said…
I think that is the block you showed us when you were asking us if the scanned photo was better or not. Your blocks are coming out so cute. Are you doing them all by hand or machine?
It's a combination of hand applique and machine paper piecing and sewing. I tried doing all of it by hand at first but I got discouraged.
Dee said…
Beautiful! I love the rosebuds!

4 nights and all play, gets you some really pretty blocks I can't wait to see put together!
Terriaw said…
Two more fun blocks to add to your project! Love them. Hang in there with work this week!

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