Dear Jane Block 27 - 29

Dear Jane ~ an original ~ Open Window
Block #27, 341 pieces

Dear Jane ~ M11  Rickshaw
Block #28, 372 pieces
This one is done by mom....I know it's wonky's by mom.

Dear Jane ~ K 2    Grandpa's Chickens
Block #29, 412 pieces

One or two more nights depending on if they cancel me tomorrow.  I am headed into work right now after having slept all day.  Tomorrow I am on call.  Matt has a lacrosse game on Wednesday and Thursday this week and Sarah arrives home from college on Wednesday. 


Pat said…
I like these blocks, too. It occurs to me that a Dear Jane quilt might look better with wonky blocks in I think that makes it look least in my opinion...and I think a DJ quilt SHOULD look old.
Your blocks look great Steph.
julieQ said…
YOu are going to have a Dear Jane done before you know it!!
Shasta Matova said…
I just finished rickshaw today. It's wonky too - that was a hard block for me.
Dee said…
busy, busy mom! I don't know if I mentioned it, but keep the wonkiness from your mom! it makes the quilt that much more special!

I have a scarf I crocheted for myself during basketball games this year. during one tournament, two of the boys wanted to learn how. these are junior high, high school boys! I helped them, they sat the longest I've ever seen them was shaking and sweating at the end of his "lesson" he was that intent on it.

I kept their rows in my scarf. are they perfect? no. were they amazed and did they think it was cool I still wanted their work in my scarf? you betcha! I will always cherish that scarf and the boys who wanted to learn!
Paula said…
I love your dj blocks, and your fabric is beautiful.
That blue is so pretty! Amazing progress!

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