Dear Jane ~ D 7 Indianapolis

Dear Jane ~ D 7 Indianapolis

This one was appliqued into place.  The circle was done as reverse applique first.  This one was fun.  I know it's getting boring seeing this kind of post with just one block and not much info....but I am still on a long stretch of work.  Getting home in the morning, getting on line for about 30 mins and then going to sleep.  Waking up just in time to shower, dress, eat and head back to work again for a 12 hr shift.  I prefer doing them all in a row and then having a stetch off in a row.  Coming up is my weekend off, I only get every 6th weekend off because I do weekend option.  Sat, Sun, Mon every week and every third Tuesday.  BUT, tonight is 12 hours of overtime!  Gotta do that about everything other week to afford to send these kids to college.  We have two in college now (Sarah is at PEACE in Raliegh and Paul is at MICA in Baltimore).  Next year, we will have three all at the same time!  In 3 years our youngest will start college too. 

This makes block number 12, a total of 124 pieces.  To see all of my Dear Jane blocks, CLICK HERE


Dee said…
Stephanie, seeing how this is my state capitol, it's beautiful! LOL

I appreciate all you're doing for your kids! To have parents who help you out through college must be heavenly!

Stay safe and sane!

ps we planned ours to be in college, out and next one in, out and the last one in! not sure if that's the smartest way to go, but *shrug* we'll find out!
Pat said…
I'm not getting bored...I'm impressed with how quickly you are churning them out, though!
Angela said…
Another great block! I am patiently (NOT!) still waiting for my DJ fabrics to arrive!
Jenni said…
It's good that you're getting through the blocks. Do you ever get any time at work at night to do some sewing? When I was in the cardiac ward I did, but now in Emergency there is no time which is a shame. The 12 hr shifts would be good in that you get it all over with quickly, but then 12hrs at work? 8 is enough.
julieQ said…
Very pretty block! I love my shifts all in a row too, so that I can have some off together too. Hang in there!!!

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