Dear Jane Block 22 - 26

Dear Jane ~ B 1  Batchelor's Buttons
Block # 22, 274 pieces so far

Dear Jane ~ H 12 Hannah Lou's Hearts
Block # 23, 276 pieces

Dear Jane ~  M 7 Junko's Rose Garden
Block # 24, 278 pieces so far
Mom did this one.  It's a little crocked but I love it all the same.

Dear Jane ~  E 5 Mama's Maze
Block # 25, 310 pieces so far
Mom did this one too, I might have to redo this one because it is completely off kilter.  What do you think.  Is it more important to have this one in here made by mom or should I be a perfectionist and redo it because it is very off?

Dear Jane ~ L 8 Box Kite
Block # 26, 321 pieces

After celebrating out Anniversary on Friday, I got to take it easy.  I go back to nights starting tonight.  I am going to take a nap first.  Hope everyone had  a great weekend!  I know I did.  Looking forward to our daughter visiting from college on Wednesday for Easter weekend.  She is a sophmore at PEACE COLLEGE in Raleigh NC (a private all girls college).  She studies Forensic Anthrology. 


Terriaw said…
Wow, five more blocks to add to the project - very impressive! These are all so different and interesting to look at. I think I love the Hannah Lou's hearts and Junko Rose Garden the best. Such cool effects with two fabrics. Enjoy your visit with your daughter!
Angela said…
Fantastic! I love that heart block, but am a little leary of trying it yet! :o) Great job!
Pokey said…
Oh, the night shift is one I wouldn't want to do, I do not envy you there. I'm such a morning person, good thing kids go to school in the daylight hours, LOL

Ya' know, Stephanie, it is pretty cool your Momma is here to sew, and participated with you in your Dear Jane blocks. If you haven't any plans to enter this one in competition, keep her blocks in the quilt.
In years to come, you wouldn't want to trade those out for all the money in the world!
*smiles* pokey
Pat said…
I agree with Pokey......and so what if the block is off-kilter. I'm quite sure before you get this quilt top finished that you will have made some out-of-kilter blocks yourself, ya know? And.......who is going to be bothered by a couple of out-of-kilter spots when the whole top is done, because that top will be amazing anyway!
I agree with Pat and Pokey. Glad to hear that having it more special than a little off is more important. Thanks for weighing in ladies!
julieQ said…
I really love your blocks, and have been admiring your progress. The tiny bit of wonkyness will be quilted out and the whole will be so gorgeous!
Shasta Matova said…
You're Jane blocks are coming along great. I would save all the blocks, and decide at the end of the project. Like the others, I think that you will want to use your mother's blocks as they are. The only reason I wouldn't use them is if they were poorly made - i.e. the seam allowance is too small and the block will fall apart.

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