Waiting for the NATIONAL GUARD

I am supposed to work tonight at Johns Hopkins.  I am an RN in the NICU with all the babies.  I called to tell work I couldn't make it out of my neighborhood and I was told the National Gaurd has been activated and the Hospital was coordinating ways for everyone to get to work.  I am ready and waiting in case they call and can get me now even though my shift is not until 7pm tonight.  I am waiting for the call to walk about a mile to the nearest cross street.  I don't think they take you home once they get you there.  I am packing enough clothes and food for a couple of days.  I have to work Sat, Sun and Mon night anyway so I may as well just stay there or in a nearby hotel until the roads are safer to pass. 

Look how deep the snow is now!  They says it's over 24 inches and it is still coming down with a prediction of 36 inches!  The last storm Maryland saw that was this big was in 2003. 
There has NOT been a snow plow come down our court since last night.  The entire community is private and about 50 homes are are totally snowed in!
I think Dale our Golden Retriever has about 10 pounds of snow balls on his belly!  When he comes in from the outside I have to take him to the bath tub and rinse his belly with warm water.  If I don't do that, I have snow balls dropping all over the house as they melt.  He was eating the snow balls off of himself in this picture.
Our cars look like SUVs. 
Last week we had a snow storm that required Kevin to drive me to work and pick me up.  I was not comfortable making the drive.  At that time, Kevin had put his boots in the trunk of my car and this morning when we getting dressed to go out in the snow to start shoveling, we realized his boots were still in the trunk of my car!  This is how difficult it was to get to them out of the trunk!  Funny.
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Gene Black said…
Do you have a computer you can blog on at work?
Be careful, be safe and take good care of the babies. (like you always do, I am sure of it)
Rebecca said…
I find it hard when I see these pictures to ever imagine living like that, as I sit here sweating away becouse of the heat. I have never seen snow like that and hope to one day but to live with it would be hard becouse it just wouldn't be a matter of poping down to the shops if you run out of milk. I hope it clears soon and take care.
Hugs Bec
Jocelyn said…
Wow Stephanie, be careful out there. And thanks for taking care of those little babies.
Lurline said…
To me this is amazing, Stephanie - I have seen only a little bit of snow in my life - thank you for the education and I do hope it all passes very soon - stay safe!
Hugs - Lurline♥
quiltmom anna said…
That is some snowstorm that you are dealing with - we get snow but not like that- Your snow would be very wet and heavy too-. We sometimes get heavy snow in the spring but its not that deep.
Take care of yourself - hope you are feeling well these days.
Allie said…
Holy Snow! Be careful and stay safe!
Oh my goodness Stephanie...it does look lovely to me, but I know it is not, I have no idea what it would be like to live in conditions like that...thankyou for sharing..
Vesuviusmama said…
Oh, my! I'm glad we didn't get quite that much, just 4 hours south of you. I hope you bring something fun to work on if you are stranded at work for a few days.
fabricartist21 said…
Wow I have forgotten about how deep the snow can get. I was born and raised in Colorado but live in Texas now, but you can tell from my blog that I still love the cold weather. Did you get to work that night. I am also a nurse and we did get an ice storm on year where I loved and I had to drive about 30 miles to work and my husband took me to work and a snow plow picked me up!! What a night.
julieQ said…
Gosh, and I thought it was bad here!! Your cars are positively buried...wow, hope it is some better now.

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