No snow plow in sight til Tuesday

Never made it to work last night but tonight I am getting picked up for work.  The neighborhood community has access to a website that lists when your address plans to get plowed out...ours not until Tuesday afternoon.  So I am packed to get picked up now and plan on staying at work until my final shift Tuesday morning is over.  Bye for now!


Pat said… plow until TUESDAY and more snow is expected in many areas then. *sigh*
Lurline said…
Oh, I hope they look after you at work, Stephanie - a nice comfy bed and meals - you deserve it!
Hugs - Lurline♥
Leslie said…
oh my goodness...i wandered over here from Dee's Doodles and i can not believe how much snow you have. all of the pictures are crazy!!!
Barb said…
You stay warm and safe!!!
Copper Patch said…
I can't even imagine having so much snow!!!
At least you will put your quilts to good use.
Be careful when you venture out.
Loris said…
I admire your sacrifice in staying at work during the bad weather. That must have been quite an adventure being picked up for work by those who could get through. I hope things went well for you. Best wishes on a safe trip home.
Micki said…
Wow, it's been a lot of years since i saw snow like that. Just stay warm at home!
Jenn said…
Hi Stephanie... thanks for the comment. My kids and I had a great time looking at your photos of the snow, especially of your dog with the snow balls. My oldest wishes that he lived with you... he loves the idea of the snow being taller than him. I look forward to checking in on you in the snow. -Jenn

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