BOHICA...Bend Over, Here It Comes Again....So here in Maryland USA, we are getting ready to get hit again with a major snow storm.  Last Friday and Satuday we had a storm of major proportion, we were slammed with 38 inches which did not get cleared off our streets until last night.  As you can see in this picture, the front end loader got stuck on our street.  It took 10 men with shovels to get it unstuck.  Here is the picture from late yesterday afternoon after the truck was dug out:
Now we are slotted to get another 20 inches!!!  It has already started.  It will be 70 inches for the total snowfall so far this year!  An all time record for Maryland!  Maybe the winter olympics should have been in Maryland this year because there isn't much snow in Vancouver! 

While at work over the weekend, during the storm, we got a baby brought to us at the JOHNS HOPKINS NICU that was born at home and delivered by the National Guard!  How cool is that?  I guess it would be difficult to get to the hospital in a 38 inch snow storm especially in a hurry!  I was able to make it to work over the last two nights but now I am off work for 12 days.  I feel guilty taking some vacation after having to take leave for my illness and then my mom's but I am in snow may cancel things. 
Next week, on Monday morning, I am headed to our beach house in Ocean City Maryland for some girls time.  My two best friends are joining me for Monday and Tueday and then on Wednesday, I am excited to meet for the first time Pat from "A Little of This and a Little of Pat".  We have a lunch date and then she is taking me to quilting shop that I have never been to in Dagsboro Delaware.  We have been blogging friends since I started this blog in October.  I sure hope Pat and I will be able to meet with this impending snow mess.  I am just so excited to meet a fellow quilting blogger.  Anyone else in the vicinity next Wednesday is welcome to join us or come to the beach!  Take care and STAY WARM! 


Kim said…
Yikes! That's a lotta snow! Hope you can manage to get away to the beach house and meet Pat, too.
Pat said…
I feel badly that you are going to get so much more snow with this new storm. We won't get as much as you....but it's still more than we can comfortably handle here. *sigh* I am looking forward to our meeting next week, too. The long-range forecast shows NO new snow between now and next week... after this storm tonight and tomorrow. YAY!!!
Greg said…
What person in their right mind likes all that crap you've got and will get? I have declared SNOW the dirtiest 4 letter word. I hope your beach trip isn't postponed.
Barb said…
YOu get to meet Pat....I am sooo jealous!!!
That is just sooooooooo unbelievable! Like, why bother? I like the Bohica.
Hope you can go ahead with your plans. I'd love to meet Pat.
Trish said…
Unbelievable..I thought 23" inches was bad. Wow, those are great photos! Enjoy your time off!! The beach sounds wonderful in the midst of all this snow!!
Dee said…
When I showed Javi your pictures, and the one of the car covered, he just said "nuh uh!" and then asked "where does she live?"

We are amazed!
Allie said…
That is just a crazy amount of snow! I'm glad you were finally able to get dug out. Have a great time with your girl friends!
Chris said…
OMG - I'll never complain about Wisconsin weather again!! Enjoy your time off - you deserve it. :)
Holy mackerel...that's a lot of snow. You deserve a quilt break. I've known Pat through blogging too and she's a great lady. I hope you all have fun.
Take care and stay warm,

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