Sewing Machine Woes

Sadly I am now without a sewing machine.  My Bernina QE decided to stop working.  It's not like I need my machine everyday, but this week I have off work and I was looking forward to some R&R and no house chores, no cooking, just sewing.  I will have to find something else to do.  My mom  gave me a book when I was in the hospital and I starting reading it.  It's called Blogging for Bliss, crafting your own online journal

I am going to try to read this book and see if it can help me learn more about blogging, posting photos and much more.  So far, it tells me my blogging name is too difficult.  What do you guys think?  Should I change my blog name?  Is it too long?  Just wondering.  Anyway, hope everyone has a great week and I promise to take it easy.  Thanks for everyone's concern and well wishes. 


Greg said…
IMO there is nothing wrong with your blog name. If we were ll to use a simple name that would be boring. How many 'bob's blog" 's do we need anyway? To me having a unique name makes your blog more interesting!

I vote keep the name!!
Barb said…
I love the name of your might be long for you but that is what drew me to your blog.

Enjoy your book!!
Chris said…
I just read Blogging for Bliss and found it very helpful. One message was to be true to yourself and your own voice.

You're doing a great job, and should not change your name! You have many followers in a short span of time. Whatever you are doing - it's working! My 18 year old son has looked over my shoulder at your blog more than once. We've enjoyed your colorful designs AND your dog's antics. :)
Pat said…
Don't be silly...of course you shouldn't change your blog name. It's a great blog name (said by one whose blog name is even longer!!!) Sorry about your machine. If we lived closer (or you were in Ocean City this week), I'd loan you my extra machine.
Sorry 'bout your machine. I always feel as if my arms have been cut off when my machine has to go for service!! and of course we know there are heaps of other things we could do in the sewing room!

Enjoy your reading time. The book sounds interesting, will have to see if it is available in Oz!

Your blog name is perfect!
I need to buy this book...I always need help! Definitely keep the name, it's very catchy. Hope you're feeling better. Make sure you rest up and stay healthy.
Take care,
You just left a comment on my blog so I came over. I love your name! It really drew me. But, how about "Ditchin' Quilts"? It's shorter but still has the same effect. It's really creative. And I like your blog. Sorry it took me so long to get here.
Shasta Matova said…
Sorry about your medical woes. I do hope you take it easy and get better soon. Sorry about your machine woes too - horrible timing for both to happen at once.

I wouldn't worry about the blog name - most people, including me, come over from an RSS reader - we don't have to worry about having to type it in, so the size of it doesn't matter anyway.
Anonymous said…
Hi Stephanie, sorry to hear your machine has broken down. As for your blogging name I agree with Greg... it's much more interesting and original.. have a lovely day :)

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