Blue and White Designer Trash Car Bag

Just finished this designer car trash can and made a matching key chain to go along.  The bag hangs on the gear shift or the center column.  It hangs like the one below.  This one is made of scraps of decor fabric.  I like this one.
This is the back of the key fob above and front is below. 

It hangs in the car like this one.  This is mine that I posted previously. 

Go here to buy one for yourself or a friend in our ETSY shop!


Barb said…
Love it!! How clever!!
Unknown said…
Great idea! I hope that you are feeling better and recuperating.
Great little bag and oh so cute. I NEED one of these! Where did you find the pattern? Please don't tell me you made it up - I'm just not that clever!
I did make the pattern up. I used a 2 liter soda bottle for the shape. I attached this tube to the back center about 4 inches below the top at the center back so a bag can fit inside and over the top of the interfacing tube. There is also some heavy weight interfacing sewn into the bag's rim to keep the stiffness of the opening. For the plastic bag, a doggie poop bag is just the right size.
Loris said…
Very clever!
Margaret said…
Where can I buy one? I love it!!
liz said…
You should sell the car trash bags or write a tutorial. These are great.
sommer80 said…
I'd also love to see step by step instructions on Joe to

make this. So cool and cute!
Found this bag on Pinterest which led me to your blog. I love this idea for the car. Got a sewing machine for Christmas this year and cannot wait to learn....this will definately be on my list of things to make! Thanks!
Valentine85 said…
Thanks so much for posting this cute project! I have beginners skills on the sewing machine, but will be adding this to the list. Do you sell any of your products on etsy?
Unknown said…
Hi do you have the size in cm please and what did you use for keying?

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