Quilt for hubby continued

This is my fabric mock up and how it will look on the dark versus the lighter fabric.  I like the diamond on the dark best. 

Above is a fabric mock up of my diamond cut and glued to the diamond.

Above is the first set of strips to get started

This is a xerox of the fabric mock up to see if I like them together.  The color is a little yellow on the xerox but when I hold it up to a design mirror, I was very happy with them.

If you remember here is the fabric I had to work with and why it is the color orange.....to honor his favorite Grabber Orange Mustang and his favorite type of quilt, the Lone Star or Texas Star quilt. 

Well, I better get going, I have lots of work to do before Christmas! 


Pat said…
That is going to be SPECTACULAR, Stephanie!!!
Angela said…
Fantastic! I love the Lone Star pattern and those colors will look perfect for it! Great job!
Dee said…
Awesome and impressive! Does he read your blog? LOL

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