Kevin's Quilt is done!

This is his favorite design, the lone star quilt combined with the colors of his car.


Wow! what a great quilt! and how lucky is your husband!?! I recall starting a Mariners Compass for my husband about 7 years ago! it's somewhere in the sewing "stash" still waiting to be finished:-) Your quilt has at least inspired me to actually have a look as to where the project bag is with the half pieced Compass and possibly finish it!

Happy New Year!
Wow that is spectacular....I am sure your DH was thrilled.
elsie123 said…
What a lot of work! It's beautiful, and doesn't it feel good that he's so proud of it? Great job.
Betsy said…
Stephanie that quilt is stunning!
Angela said…
The GO quilt is beautiful! And how proud you must feel, that he is blogging about it too! The quilting is lovely, too!
Dee said…
Holy Cow that is phenomenal! Beautiful, magnificant, extraordinary, well crafted and doggone enviable! I love the tag you made!

Lane said…
I love it. Congratulations!! Lane
quiltmom anna said…
I love Kevin's quilt- the lonestar is such a beautiful pattern and this one is stunning.
The label is splendid too. Our son's name is Kevin and, in gaelic, his name means Kindness. My son often reflects the meaning of his name-
Thought you might find the name meaning of interest.
I love the pieced border too. Kevin is a lucky man to receive such a beautiful gift.
Happy New Year to you and yours.
Linda said…
Fabulous! I hope to see this quilt in a local show sometime this year...that is if your husband can part with it for a while. Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
The quilt looks great! I know that he is proud to have it. Happy New Year!
Diane said…
That turned out beautiful! wow!

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