Saturday, December 19, 2009

East Coast Blizzard

So far we have about 15 inches! doesn't usually snow like this in December.  Usually we get the big ones in February or March.  This is my favorite pic, Dale with all the snow stuck under him after playing in the snow for an hour.  I had to rinse is undercoat in the bathtub to melt the snow balls!  Now, back to sewing and some hot chocolate! 

Kevin with his pony!  It sticks out in the snow!


Jackie said...

It is coming our way tonight!! They are calling for quite a bit here too. Love the picture of Dale.

Pat said...

We are stuck in NJ due to the storm......had a horrendous time getting here and our plans to get back home late today were not to happen.....hope we can get home tomorrow, though.

Rebecca said...

Oh what fun I think my doggie would love the snow, instead of the heat at the moment. I hope it is still around for Christmas, what fun .
Big Hugs Bec

Greg said...

I guess I'll stop complaining about the 6 inches we got last week.... I hope Kevin can get around in his pony in all that snow. But my biggest concern is the other drivers out and about. With something THAT bright, he's a target.

Angela said...

Wow! The half-removed pile of snow on his car really shows how much there is! Stay warm! Perfect weather for quilting! :o)


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