Red Letter Day by Lizzy House

I absolutely love this line!  I just had to have all of it.  Take a look at this wonderful fabric.  My favorite is the ugly duckling.  Now to decide what to make and for whom!  Love colors are wonderful.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, this morning Matt (my 14 year old) gets his wisdom teeth out. :(
Even though I am a nurse, I am always nervous when someone I love has to have surgery.  We lost a friend last month when he died during oral surgery at the dentist office.  He never woke up from anesthesia.  He had many health problems and was in his 50's but it still scares you.  Matt has never had anesthesia.  In December, my middle son Paul is getting his out as well when he is home on Christmas break from college.  Anyway, I will be missing in action this weekend.  Have a great one everyone!
UPDATE:  We are home from the oral surgeon and Matt is groggy but fine.  He is sleeping it off now with Vicodan.  Now we wait to see if he gets nauseated from the pain medicine like his mom.


Dee said…
Oohh...haven't had to do that yet...but it's coming for our (hard to believe) small mouthed boys! LOL Our oldest, had to have a "trough" cut through his palate to move a good tooth to an empty space on the other side of his mouth! Took six months to move it using a small chain and making adjustment. Anesthesia was hard and he was so funny!

I'll be praying for you all this weekend. Hope it goes quickly, safely and healthily. I'm so sorry about your friend. It's hard to lose people we love! My thoughts are with you and his family.

Take care, friend!
Rebecca said…
Not nice and I feel sorry for Matt, I didn't have fun when I had all of mine taken out at the same time. So lots of icecream to help with the swelling ( yumm thats what I think any way it seems to work as well as ice blocks to suck on). Love the fabric and enjoy using them.
Hugs Bec

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