Journals and Cell phone Totes

This is my new Etsy shop banner.  We have a new blog to go along with it!  I am doing this one with my mom.  She is retired and has lots of time to create things to sell.  Please visit and follow us so more people can find us!  Thanks!

This idea came from the making of a special order from a friend at work. She wanted matching horse journals to log her and her daughter's riding lessons. She also requested a matching cell phone case for her daughter. Here is what I came up with. The journal cover can be easily removed and the book can be replaced when it gets full because it is a simple Composition Book. There is a slot for a pen on the inside cover. The quilting is done with a double needed.

This is Trish and her horse

This is her daughter on their horse with her ribbons!

Her matching cell phone case


Lurline said…
Great little items, Stephanie and best wishes for your Etsy Shop - it will be a great joy to your mother!
Hugs - Lurline♥
Dee said…
Congratulations! What a wonderful way to spend your time, energy and creativity...with your mom!

The journals are too cute and the cellphone case looks so happy!

Where were you when our two youngest were taking lessons? LOL Well, they're boys and would have given me the journal covers! LOL

Have a great day, dear!
Micki said…
What beautiful poijrects and I especially loved the journal covers.
Anonymous said…
Cute ideas. Good luck with your new endeavor!
Thanks for stopping by. Maybe we could have a regional bloggers luncheon one day. That would be fun. I'm all about road trips!
Rhondi said…
Hi Stephanie
Those are so cute! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Hugs, Rhondi

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