Halloween Party at work

Well, as everyone knows...I am a NICU (Neonatal Intensive CareUnit) Register Nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland.  Here is a picture of us at work Halloween night.  I am in the middle.  Can you see my autographed Kaffee Faccett bag on the left of the pic?   ;)

I am the charge nurse and have about 21 nurses to take care of about 45 babies.  We work hard but play hard, as you can see.  We were having fun, eating tons of great food.  I just wanted to share with you an insight to why I don't post everyday!  I work 12 hour night shifts on the weekends (Sat/Sun/Mon).  You will most likely not see me during those crazy days in a row.


Allie said…
Your photos are great! It looks like you are having a good time. :)
Kit Lang said…
You DO have a great job! :)

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