Hi everyone!  I wanted to offer this adorable antique doll quilt as a giveaway.  Over the next two weeks I will be giving all my ditchin friends the opportunity to win this quilt.  It measures 14 inches by 10 inches and is red, white and blue.  It is tied with yarn and quilted.  If you would like to win this quilt please do all of the following:
1)   Comment on this post
2)   Follow my blog if you are not already doing so
3)   Blog about my GIVEAWAY by posting a picture of the doll quilt and a link to this post

Contest will end in two weeks on Dec 8th.  Your quilt will arrive just in time for the holidays! 
Thanks for helping me build my blogland!The doll quilt on the trunk.  The quilt on my couch is another antique that I love!  Found on Ebay years ago.

Close up of the back above.

My Golden Retriever Dale is waiting to send this to you! 
Good luck!  Steph


Dee said…
Stephanie, I can't believe this is a giveaway item! Wow! (can we have the dog too if I win? he'll have a bud to play with1) lol

I'm already a follower and I'm going to put your link and a pic on my blog to spread the word on such a cute, cute quilt!
fabricartist21 said…
Yes your quilts are really superb!! etsy is having a $5.00 gift sale on November 30th go to my blog for details. Thanks
Greg said…
Thats a nice looking quilt.. Lets see this is my comment.... I gladly follow and I blogged about it
Nanbon44 said…
The quilt is a treasured find, and so is Dale. looks like he is the official guard of the doll quilt.
isa & marta said…
Hola amiga, gracias por Ofrecer tan bello regalo, me encanta el perrito tambien.
Ya soy tu seguidora y voy a mi blog aponer el enlace.
Unknown said…
Cute! This would fit in my daughters doll bed perfectly!! Thanks!
Bonnie said…
What a nice give away. I collect doll quilts and this would be a nice addition. I became a follower.
Bonnie said…
I love your giveaway. I try to collect doll quilts. I started following your blog.

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