Winefest at the Beach, OC Maryland

Arrived at our condo in Ocean City Maryland for the week! 

This week gives me and my husband Kevin a break from work and a much needed rest.  I have worked way too much overtime as a nurse at Hopkins and deserve some real downtime.   Kevin is tapped out!  He needs a mental health break.  His work has been super stressful for the past nine months due to a corporate bankrupsy the company he works for went through.  We are happy to finally get away.

I will be posting directly from OC this week, so stayed tuned!


Lurline said…
Have lots of sleep and lots and lots of fun!
Hugs - Lurline♥
Mmmmmm, a wine tasting adventure! I hope you both have a great time and that you come home refreshed, more in love than ever, and toting a few good bottles of wine to boot!
Thanks Lurline and Terri. It's 0700 and the fog is thick here. Should be a good day once this lifts. Might have to look for quilting shops this week while I am down here but I think the only place at the beach like that is Michaels! Oh well, good think I brought lots of hand stuff with me to work on!

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