What's in a bloggy name?

My blog name is all my husband's fault.  I asked him to help me name my quilting blog because for the first week I was using my name as the title: Stephanie Hughes Quilts.  I thought it rather boring and not memorable if bloggers wanted to find me again or remember me, it needed a name they would not forget.  He thought about it for one minute and "A Ditchin' Time Quilts" was born.  His thought process was simple, to him....he always hears me talk about "stitching in the ditch" and used a play on words in two stages:  First instead of "A Stitch In Time", he changed it to "A Ditch In Time".  Then secondly, he added the old saying "A Bitchin' Time" to the spelling to make it "A Ditchin' Time Quilts" which sounds more interesting and unique.  So now you get both meanings!  For those of you who thought it was just a stitch in time, sorry, I like having a bitchin' time stitching to my little hearts content.  So the meaning to me is two fold!  Hope you like my bloggy name. 

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Unknown said…
Hi, Stephanie, good to see another Marylander. Love your name and nice your hubby helped.
WOW 3 in collage and a nurse at Hopkins. Great. Thanks for sending me over. Have fun at the beach this week.
yetunde said…
i love the name. just to let you know my husband also name my blog for me.

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