Vacation at the Beach

We are having a grand time at the beach here in Ocean City Maryland, it's 75 degrees right now and it should be for the rest of the week.  Today we went to the Winefest and it was nice but crowded.  I had never taken a picture of my flip flop quilt listed in a previous post on the wall in our condo so there it is.  For a close up look at the flip flop quilt GO HERE!

Our guest book has many nice comments about how much they love my flip flop quilt and would I make them one?  I should go into business or sell on Etsy???   I only wish I had more time for that.  Working full time as a night nurse at Johns Hopkins in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and I am the charge nurse, doesn't give me as much time as I would like for my love of quilting. 

We are resting well, Kevin is playing Solitaire and I am blogging.  I brought a hand project to work on and will share that with you later.  Meanwhile, here is a picture of the view outside our condo...not very nice but the breeze is what makes this 8th floor condo worth every minute.

It is quiet here in the off season, just the way we like it!


I spotted the quilt right away! Your hubby looks happy and relaxed - I'm glad you're having a good time!
Lurline said…
Love your condo and it's location. 'The Quilt' - well yes, certainly an eye-catcher and a wonderul conversation piece - you know what to do if ever you give up your day - oh, night - job!
Hugs - Lurline♥
fabricartist21 said…
Love your quilts and thanks for joining my blog and hwlping me get more followers
Micki said…
What a lovely condo you have! I have been to Ocean City, and it is lovely, but that was many moons ago. Your quilt is just gorgeous! I also read your blog today, and I loved it.
Wonderful getting to know you, and I am now a follower too.
Pat said…
I'm thinking you are in one of the high-rise condo buildings more on the northern end of Ocean City? I have only just discovered your blog. I live in southern Delaware now but lived the first 55 years of my life in a retired teacher and a quilter. Maybe someday when you are in Ocean City, we can arrange to meet!

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