Sarah's Quilt

Sarah is my step daughter.  When I first met Kevin in 2003, his daughter was only 13 years old and now she is sophmore at Peace College in Raliegh North Carolina.  This is the first quilt that ever made for her.  I let her pic out the fabric and she picked out fabrics herself.  She loved it and even though it is not my favorite quilt, she loves it. 

This is Sarah now, a young women.  I am going to have to make her another quilt!


Greg said…
I like that quilt. Very nicely done. I really like how you used multiple shades of blue.
Allie said…
Beautiful quilt. Beautiful girl.
Unknown said…
What a wonderful quilt! I am sure she has treasured it and will just be tickled with a new one.
Dee said…
She is beautiful! And so is her quilt! As someone from a mixed marriage (lol his, hers, theirs together), having a stepparent who showed their love in the small ways, as well as the big ones, made all the difference in the world to me. Thanks for being you!
what will the new one look like?
Debbie J said…
Stephanie, I love this quilt too! Don't you love giving quilts as gifts? I bet she really does love it!

I am in the planning stages of a quilt for a wedding gift for my stepdaughter, who is getting married in January.

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