Quilting in the condo - Day 3 at the beach

Well here we are, day 3 at the beach in Ocean City Maryland.  Yesterday I took a pic of my husband relaxing and playing Solitaire, but today he took out the camera and surprised me by taking this picture. Here I am doing my two most favorite things, quilting and blogging!  I struggled what to bring with us this week to our condo.  Before we left on Saturday, I was doing mostly machine sewing/quilting.  I did not want to bring my Bernina this week because I was in the middle of a big project on my sewing table that I did not want to disturb.  I decided to bring a quilt that I had not finished hand quilting.  This is made of mostly batiks.  I am purposely quilting this one with larger quilting stitches to keep the same theme throughout.  Take a look at my work so far.  Unfortunately you can still see the blue drawn lines for my quilting pattern.  I am almost done, still have to bind it and wash out the drawn lines.  What do you think?

Headed to the beach for a walk with my husband, it looks rather nice today!


Greg said…
both the quilt and the ocean view are wonderful!!!
Angela said…
Beautiful quilt - I love doing hand-quilting! My stitches are usually a little large, but I work at keeping them even, and call it good enough... :o)
And gorgeous view!
Thanks for sharing!

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