My first quilt ~ 1992

This quilt was made in 1992.  I had made many quilts before this but they were all wall hangings or baby quilts.  This is the first full sized quilt I had ever made.  The pattern is the Texas Star.  This is the first quilt I ever used a rotary cutter to make strips.  It was a "quilt in a day" class I took.

My life was interesting in 1992!  I had two kids at the time, Jimmy was 3 and Paul was a baby.  I can't believe how long ago that was!  Right now, Jimmy is 21 and paul is 18. 

Jimmy then - 3 years old

Jimmy now at 21

Paul then - 3 months old

Paul now - 18 years old

This is Matt as a baby in 1994 and Paul at 3 years old

Above is all three in 1994 and below in 2008!  Boy how they have changed!!!

I really can't not put in a pic of Matt who was not born yet when I made that quilt.  The pics were taken last thanksgiving so I am dying to take them again soon.  All but Matt is away at college now I am looking forward to having them all together again for the holidays soon!


How fun to look back on photos and relate them to quilts! I think we've all learned lots since we first started quilting.
Anonymous said…
That was a great reflection back...on the quilt and kids. Just found your blog. Love, love quilts...still learning but am loving it jsut the same!
Anonymous said…
Give it a few more will get there! It is great being a grandma and having the kids one on one. My daughter Amanda homeschools her kids so I have an advantage of taking them off now and then during the week! I am loving this blog thing...just getting started in this too. I have been quilting for about 8 years now. I love the flip flop quilt. How hard was it to make? My name is Donna. See you in Blogville!
Dee said…
Firstly...what beautiful children! As the mom of three boys, my hat is off to you for having made it this far and still being able to type coherently! LOL
Secondly, love the quilt! And the antiques that surround it! It's so neat to look back and remember and look forward with hope!
Kim said…
A lovely quilt and a handsome family. My first large quilt was a Bear Paw design and is still a favorite.
Pokey said…
Sweet family photos. Funny how we can time line our family and creativity together!
Lesly said…
How nice that you are still using the first quilt you ever made! I am just about to retire the first bed-sized quilt I made - it's getting pretty worn. I blame the dogs! And your men are so handsome - you must be very proud!
Micki said…
I love the quilt and it was so nice to see how your boys grew up! It is amazing how fast time seems to fly by!
Oh how neat. I started quilting a year and a half ago Jessica was 2 and now she's four. It's interesting to track back through time. Here's hoping I'll still be turning out great quilts when she's 21. (as if you could pry the sewing maching out of my hands).

I was just looking at that quilt the other day. I have had the Eleanor Burn's book with that one in it for a while now and I was trying to find inspiration. That one just happens to be my only pattern for flying geese. So when I saw your photo I thought for sure I'd seen it before.
Zlaty said…
Very pretty quilt! I like the pictures, you are very organized to find them! :)

Happy sewing!


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