Log Cabin Quilt for my sister Amy

This is a lovely log cabin quilt I made for my sister Amy.  She now has it hanging on her wall behind her bed as the headboard. There is a theme...can anyone see it?  FROGGIES!  She loves them and I had to incorporate them into the quilt. Anything for sis!
Take a look below at the pillows on the bed behind Lindsay.  They were made to match the quilt.


elsie123 said…
How fun! Looks like she loves it already.

How did you get all the pictures of your quilts into your header? Looks good...
Angela said…
The quilt itself is quite lovely, and what a cute way to include something that your sister likes into it!
Elsie, my header was created in Picasa Web Albums 3.5. There is a collage option which I did and then imported the collage into Photoshop where I added my blog titles. That's it, just remember to keep the width of the picture to 890 megapixels when saving it for the web as a jpeg.

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