Corina's Quilt

Hi everyone.  I am getting ready to go into work again, but thought I would share another past favorite of mine.  This one was made for my very best friend Corina.  Corina and I met in our senior year of high school and became fast friends.  She had just moved to Maryland from Venezuela with her whole family.  We went to college together and were best friends all through school.  After graduation, she got a job working for the World Bank and moved back to Venezuela, met her husband and had a family.  She lived there until 2006 when she moved back to the USA.  While away, she had five kids.  We kept in touch with emails, pics and through some of her family that still lived here, she visited Maryland a few times in that time period but we really did not get to spend time together until she moved to Texas.  My family went to visit her and her family in the summer of 2006 in Mission Texas. We spent the week visiting different places in Texas and had a grand time!  This is the quilt that I made for her to celebrate our 30 year friendship!  She still is my best friend and I am so excited to say that she and her family are now US citizens!  They fled Venezuela due to the horrible conditions there (don't get me started on that subject!).  We are planning a girls week now for January and I can't wait.  Hmmm....where should we go?

This is Corina and me in 2006

This is how I signed her quilt, see a close up at the top.  The quilt was hand appliqued but machine quilted.  Hope you enjoy!


Dee said…
wow! what a testimony to friendship and the spirit and integrity of you both to keep it going so long! so glad you shared this! I'm pitching for Hawaii for you both! for about a a hotel next to a quilt/fabric store/chocolate bar store/spa and the hotel must, simply must, have cute cabana boys to bring you frilly, fruity, girly drinks on a warm afternoon...and all your umbrellas in them should be florals!
Greg said…
Thats a really cool quilt for your best friend. I too vote for Hawaii. Just be sure the quilt goes with you cuz we want to see pictures of it wherever you go!
Angela said…
I love the stories behind all your quilts! You really put alot of yourself into all your masterpieces! Thanks for sharing!
Carol said…
Wonderful story. That's a special relationship you have there. Love the quilt. I have some friends here who left Venezuela a few months ago and are so upset about everything happening there.
So are you still on color and design overload from the festival? Fun. Fun. Fun.
You guys got my vote, Hawaii would be great! My husband would be jealous though because neither of us have been there. But Hawaii in January sounds superb! Have to investigate that! I could always use a cabana boy!
Lurline said…
Just love those Happy Flowers - so nice they can be enjoyed by your Special Friend!
Hugs - Lurline♥
Oh Jezz if Hawaii is on the "okay" list head there and don't forget to have Lapu Lapu's (the drinks in the pineapples). Ah quilts and vacation awesome.
Debbie J said…
All of your quilts are so beautiful!

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