Assateague Island National Seashore

Assateague Wild Horses

Our Pony :) ~ Husband Kevin's pride and joy

Our Pony meets the real thing! (GO stands for Grabber Orange)

Me on the bay side of the island

Life of the Marsh Trail

Assateague Beach


Greg said…
Thanks for the visit to the seashore, thats one place I'd like to visit. Thats a nice Pony.. Love that GO color...
Vesuviusmama said…
Thanks for sharing. That's somewhere I've been wanting to go.
Kaye said…
I Love the horses at Assateague! What a treat to go there. I live in Rehoboth in the community that Pat lives in, so we are fortunate to be able to go the 4 seasons. How far from there in Maryland do you live?

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