Another EBAY find turned quilt

This is a small wallhanging I made from 4 blocks I bought off of EBAY for $5.00   It was only peiced together but not quilted.  I used a red and white feedsack as the back and border.  This was maching pieced and machine quilted. 
Hope you enjoy! 


Dee said…
and I never find those treasures, why? Awesome quilt!
Angela said…
What a great little quilt! I love the bright colors! So happy!
Unknown said…
Great find and great quilt!
Micki said…
I love the pinks in the quilt! It is just lovely!
I'm so happy you commented on my blog; now I got to visit your. Wonderful quilts! I loved reading the stories behind them and the labels that you have added.

It's great to see old tops made into quilts, I have just bought my first, and am a bit terrified to start unpicking everything. The zipper baggies is a great idea.

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