Patriotic Quilt

This quilt was made for my neighbor Linda in 2005.  She and her familly moved next door to us in 2003 and were only going to be here for 2 years from Dublin Ireland.  They were only here for her husband's job and we became fast friends.  When she left I wanted her take something home with her to remind her of thier time here in Maryland USA.  I made this quilt for her and signed the back with a seperate quilt block placed on the back.  I hand quilted this with several different sized circles all over the quilt.  I always take pictures of my quilts to catalog them and remember them fondly.  I loved this one so much, I ended making another one just like this for myself and have it hanging in my home.  Hope you enjoy. 


That's sweet. I currently have a neighbor named Linda, I'm certain I would be sad to see her go.

Your hand quilting gives the quilt just the right touch.
Greg said…
That is a very nice quilt and a great way to have htem remember you.
Dee said…
What a kind, thoughtful and loving gift. I'm sure she cherishes it and thinks of you when they use it! Thanks for being so nice!
Lurline said…
A wonderful gesture and a beautiful quilt! You are so clever to have kept a journal, I am so sorry I haven't, so my blog is my journal since I started it!
Hugs - Lurline♥
Angela said…
What a lovely quilt and a brilliant idea for your friend to remember her time here in the USA.
fabricartist21 said…
Your quilts are absolutely beautiful. I love the churn dash one. The sampler quilt that you made for your neighbor is also gorgeous. Keep up the good work. I am having a giveaway this week so come into my blog and look. Thanks

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