National Neonatal Nurses Day

September 15th was National Neonatal Nurses Day and our Nurse Managers celebrated by honoring us for the great things we do.  Johns Hopkins is a very large NICU, we have 45 babies and staff our unit with 140 nurses.  Of those 140 nurses, there were 11 categories that one could get nominated for!  Here were the categories:  Best Nurse Whisperer, Best Bed Maker, Best Primary Nurse, Best night in and night out, Best day in and day out, Best documenter, Best policy and protocol brain, Best bath giver, Best Charge Nurse, Best IV in a pinch,  Best Early Arriver.  Here is the gifts we received for our nomination.  What a great idea!  Credit goes out to Mike (our assistant nurse manager) and his Mom and Sue (our nurse manager).  These coffee holders were a big hit!  They used the new BERNINA to do the fancy embroidery!  This is one of those gifts I will keep a long time.  Check out the pics, it seems they used two pieces of a foam, one on the front and one on the back.  This way they would lay flat when not in use.  Very cool!  BTW,   I was nomimated for Best IV in a pinch, Best night in and night out and Best Documenter.  Thanks NICU Friends!


grandmarockton said…
WOW! congrats are due!

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