Home Sweet Home by Barb Adams and Alma Allen

This is my quilt based on one of my favorite books from Blackbird Designs. This quilt top involved a new skill for me. Most of my previous tops have been all machine pieced. I choose this design because of the amount of applique that was involved. I had appliqued before but not to this extent so this was a challenge for me. I enjoyed all the hand work that was involved. I have learned that applique is fun and produces great results. There are 9 squares in this quilt which produce a beautiful wall sized hanging. I started this quilt in August of 2007 as you can see by one of the squares which is dated. Many projects interrupted it's completion (moving, college searching with my kids, work, etc) but I am finally at the quilting stage.

Home Sweet Home by Barb Adams and Alma Allen.  This book includes all the patterns you need and great pictures to go along with it.   They include the fabric information if you want to try to make it just like the one in the book.  I did both, used some of their fabric and some of my stash to create my look.  I enjoyed learning how to make the thin stems using a bias tape maker.  Another new skill I had not used before.  Thanks Barb and Alma for my wonderful quilt!   



Karen said…
Wonderful! I love that pattern. :)
Mom said…
this quilt is awesome!

Welcome to the block swap~
Alma Allen said…
Stephanie....your quilt is wonderful. I love that you stitched it by hand ....and you now even like hand applique!!! I bet you have stitched lots of memories into this one.

Have a very merry Christmas!


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