Flip Flop Quilt

Can you see the beach towel on the sand with the sun shining on the yellow sand?
I absolutely love this quilt. The quilt was made to honor four siblings: my mom Suzie, her brother my Uncle Kelly, her two sisters my Aunt Grier and my Aunt Beth. It is a perfect addition at the family's beach house for all to enjoy!

These are made to represent my mom Suzie's flip flops

These are Beth's flip flops

Grier's flip flops

Uncle Kelly's flip flops - he is an avid golfer so I had to put his name on a golf ball!


Vesuviusmama said…
What a fun quilt. I love the colors, and I agree, it is a great addition to a beach house.
I LOVE this quilt!!!! I have two SIL's that live on Oahu and OMG, would they love this (maybe even more than I do). In Hawaii they call flip flops slippers (or slippas). If I could, I would make something just exactly like this. Wonderful!!!!
Anonymous said…
You are very talented at making these beautiful quilts, very artistic - well done.

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