Ebay Feedsack Finds - Quilt tops

I enjoy collecting quilt tops from ebay, especially ones made of feedsacks. They are usually not well made, thus never finished. If you are lucky to find one sewn correctly, then it is a gold mind find! Here is one I bought for $15 from ebay. It was very poorly constructed. The only way to save this antique quilt top was to take it apart, re-cut the peices and reconstruct it. This quilt top like many other ones I have found had to be redesigned to allow for damaged and imperfect peices.

Here is one of my recent finds. This one came a mess! It was sewn crocked, had many holes, stains and tears. I took apart all the seems and kept the blocks each in it's zip lock bag to try to stay organized and keep the blocks together. 
The original quilt top
Stay organized so you don't get confused when taking the seams apart.

This is a close up of my finished quilt.  I used antique solid white feed sacks as the borders and the quilt back to keep with the antique theme.  I used almost every leftover peice not in the quilt top as I took apart as you can see in the binding. 


Vesuviusmama said…
I love it! I'm in the process of re-furbishing(?) a quilt my great, great, grandmother made that was falling apart. You give me hope that I can DO it!

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