Dorm room quilt

My middle son Paul just went off to college last month.  He is a Freshman at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) in Baltimore.  He gets his creativity from me!  He is an amazing photographer and received a Presidential Scholarship to attend.  He wanted a quilt with a brown and green theme.  Here is the quilt I made for him.  Of course, I couldn't resist making a matching pillow.   The pattern was easy.  It is a border around every other square.  The big squares are cut 9.5" x 9.5", the inside squares are cut 7.5" x 7.5" and the brown border that goes around all four sides of the smaller squares were cut as a 1.5" strip.  This quilt is laptop size and when completed turned out to be 36 squares (6 squares wide x 6 squares length) = 54" square....Don't forget to make a few more squares for a throw pillow!

My son Paul
Bachelors of Fine Arts
MICA, Maryland Institute College of Art


Mikol said…
Love the look of the quilt and pillow. Do you know the measurements of the finished quilt? Good luck to your son with school!
Stephanie said…
Mikol, I updated the post to show the sizes! Thanks for reminding to include that! Steph
Karen said…
Excellent dorm quilt! I love the colour combination.
Agapitos said…
Je peux dir que sont tres jolie
Very fine blog and photos
Agapitos from Greece
Robyn said…
Hi Steph and welcome to blogland!
It is a great quilt indeed. Good luck to your son as he starts a new part of life.

I wanted to say thanks for passing by my blog (I can't email you yet as you're set to no-reply, so here I am).. it was an amazing and yet strange day indeed and it certainly did make the news all over.
Vesuviusmama said…
LOVE green and brown together. What a wonderful quilt!

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